About Us

Here at LL235, we are proud of our heritage. We are the second Local Lodge chartered in Canada in 1891. Since that time we have widened our scope and represent workplaces ranging from bakeries to public transportation.  

Good Jobs. Better Lives. Unions Stand Up for Fairness.

We work hard for our members. Sharing updates both locally and politically that can impact the work environment.

Our local is strong not just because of the countless hours committed by our representatives, but the Chiefs and Stewards who volunteer their time, energy and resources to their workplaces and work family.

Solidarity is not just for the good times, but uncertain times when standing united is even more critical. Its a feeling of action to protect and further the rights and interests in the workplace.

History of the Logo:

The design for the Machinists logo was submitted by Frank French, of Machinists Lodge 12 in Houston Texas, who was a delegate to the first Machinists Union Grand Lodge Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia in May 1889. It was chosen over several others submitted.

The figures on the design are a flywheel, a friction joint caliper and machinist square. The initials of the organization are inserted between the spokes of the flywheel. The symbolism of the flywheel is significant because it generates a lot of power once it gets started. The historical connection with the trade is clear since most shops in those days were powered by stationary steam engines with large flywheels. The contemporary symbolism of the open calipers is an invitation to all to join. The square signifies that we are square and honest.