Why Join?

While each workplace is unique here are the basics we believe every worker should have:

  • Pay Advocacy. We advocate fair pay standards for our members. Ensuring equitable and comparable compensation within the industry we are representing.
  • Nonwage Benefits Advocacy. We promote the availability of nonwage benefits and compensation for union members. Vacation, medical benefits, retirement benefits, etc.
  • Working Conditions. We gives our members a voice to promote safe working conditions and to bargain for additional conditions to improve the specific environments we represent.
  • Workplace Regulation. We play an essential role in the development of regulations designed not only in conjunction with updating legislation but also focus on the specific needs within each workplace.

Recent Success Stories –

IAM Local 235 members at Metrolinx ratify new contract

IAM Members at Local 235 Sisley Honda ratify new contract with improvements

Members at Local 235 Markham Acura ratify agreement